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After reading the terms and conditions, PLAYER AGREES WITH THE RULES AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS at the entrance to the Web-site, opening an account in person at the Web-site using this account, the game in the casino, play the game and claim any prize. Thus the player validates the foregoing provisions below.
Providing services casinos.
Services are provided on the casino "as is". The casino does not accept any responsibility for failing the objectives of the service user and his / her ideas about how this service should be provided.
Casino makes no warranty that the service will be uninterrupted, timely or error free. All detected errors will be corrected as quickly as possible.
Casino is not responsible for computer malfunctions and problems with communication, as well as attempts to use the player's service in a manner different from the way the proposed casino.
Although the casino has taken all reasonable steps to Web-site Casino and software do not contain viruses or malicious programs that can not be absolutely Casino to ensure that Web-site and software have no such problems. Protect your computer from viruses and player software backup its information - it is the responsibility of the player.
The casino has the right to carry out preventive work in their software and hardware complex with a temporary suspension of work.
In the case of force majeure, as well as failures or malfunctions of hardware-software complexes of third parties cooperating with the Casino, or actions of third parties to suspension or termination of operation of the Casino, may be suspension of the casino. In this case, all bets will be void and of their results. Casino is not responsible for loss of a player in this situation.
A player.
The player agrees that the content of Web-site software and the Casino is solely for personal non-commercial interest. You agree not to copy, reproduce or publish any items or Web-site casino software.
Player fully understands contained herein rules, regulations, requirements and conditions, agrees with them, accepts them and submits them, and agrees that the said rules, regulations, requirements and conditions may change periodically without notice.
The player is an adult and fully capable of legally a citizen of his country.
Register game account.
When you register at the casino (the «Online Casino), the player will be available to all bonus programs and all forms of payment and receipt of prizes, except for plastic cards, as they require accurate data about the player.
In some cases, at the discretion of Casino «Online Casino», players may be asked to provide certain documents to confirm the registration. The composition of the documents and the time of their request determined by the administration casino. Clients are allowed to close some of the fields of these documents (passport number and series, part of the address of the card number, etc.). An example of safe design documents. While waiting for the requested documents involved in player promotions and casino payments from the customer account may be suspended. In the event of a player from the provision of the requested documents, the game account may be blocked.
Players from the following countries Casino because of legal restrictions may not have a gaming service: United States, Malta, Moldova, France.
In case of violation of the rules Casino or any illegal activity on the gaming account Casino reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close a player account at any time without prior notice. Funds on the game account the offender may be confiscated.
Players' interest in the game and his choice Web-site is purely personal and not professional. Players enter the Casino for their own amusement; entrance to the casino, access, use or reuse of the Casino or the Web-Site Player for any other purpose is expressly forbidden.
The player has the right to prohibit other persons or third parties, including but not limited to, minors involved in the game. The player is responsible for the security of your login and password, as well as for what will be done in the casino under its name and password. The player agrees that he shall immediately notify the Casino of any unauthorized access to his user name and password and / or any other breach of security.
The player acknowledges that the responsibility for understanding the laws, under whose jurisdiction it is located and on which he may be allowed participation in the activities of online casinos lies entirely on him. On the basis of such laws, players can be excluded from participation in the game, and their money to your account - were confiscated.
Casino game «Online Casino» is prohibited for all its employees and their immediate families.
The player has no right to claim damages from the Company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, operators of wholesale sales, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers and has no right to demand of these individuals and companies offset any costs, expenses, liabilities or damages that may result from the fact that the player comes to the Web-site use or reuse it, using any materials displayed on Web-site; to login casinos uses or reuses it, participates in the game or takes the prize.
Casino «Online Casino» reserves the right to prior notice to withdraw funds from accounts that were no movements in six months (6 months) after the last operation.
Casino game «Online Casino» is intended for adults only and only for entertainment purposes. The casino «Online Casino» categorically prohibits the use of robotic, mechanical, electronic or other devices for the automatic adoption of gaming solutions in any casino game. Violation of rules related to the use of such devices may result in measures up to (and including) the ban on casino game «Online Casino», forfeiture of funds in an amount not exceeding the amount of net winnings, expulsion of all proposals for promotions and inclusion in database "of players with limited access," the casino industry, which has access to other online casinos. This requirement is enforced rigorously.
Players' interest in the game and his choice Web-site is purely personal and not professional. Players enter the Casino for their own amusement; entrance to the casino, access, use or reuse of the Casino or the Web-Site Player for any other purpose is expressly forbidden.
Decisions related to proposals for promotions, are solely the initiative of the advertising department of the casino «Online Casino». Casino «Online Casino» reserves the right, exercisable solely at its discretion, continue, modify or cancel any promotional offer at any time and for any reason without any prior warning was. Any person who does not comply with the rules of the advertising campaign may be excluded from it.
Guide Casino «Online Casino» reserves the right to refuse, at its discretion, one or the other player may participate in any promotion without prior notice.
The Casino reserves the right to pay prizes in a manner different from the method of payment specified player.
Prohibits the use of online casinos to perform exchange operations, including but not limited to the exchange of electronic currencies. The Casino reserves the right to charge a fee to offenders of this rule. The commission amount and method of payment of money in this case is determined by the administration of the casino.
Please note that in accordance with international practices to combat money laundering, report any suspicious financial transactions will be forced to notify the casino police. The Casino reserves the right to suspend service game account, as well as payments from the gaming account to complete the investigation of any suspicious activity.
Casino does not send unsolicited email ("spam"). Players receive newsletters from the Casino, specified by them in the registration e-mail boxes. E-mail the player enters the casino list automatically when registering game account or recording of the address in casino promotions. Unsubscribe here. Players who refuse to send the casino, not allowed to participate in promotions casino.
The amount of the jackpot being played in Russian rubles. 1 credit = 1 ruble.
Administration of the casino reserves the right to publish the name, amount and date of winning, the last in the list of prizes and any other materials at the discretion of the casino.
If within one month from the date of request cash payment is not made through the fault of the player (not supplied the requested documents do not indicate a method of obtaining money, etc.), then the cashing is canceled and the amount of payment is returned to your account.
Inaction on the part of the Casino in the event of the Player of the rules and conditions shall not deprive the casino right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later.
If a player mistakenly credited or real bonus credits (due to technical errors, etc.), then they should be written off, and the winnings after the receipt of erroneous credits forfeited. If a player is paid out of the casino sum is greater than he was supposed to (the error of conversion, etc.), the Casino reserves the right to cancel the excess amounts paid from gaming player's account. This cancellation can be done with the game accounts, formally registered to other people, but which in the opinion related to the casino player to win excess benefits.
These terms and conditions take precedence over any oral or written agreement between the Casino and the Player. All disputes relating to the terms and conditions of the Casino should be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica.
Site Administration warns that opening multiple games simultaneously, in any chronology and sequence, attempts to play, can result in failure for the player. The administration in this case was not responsible.
Rules posted on the website are current at the time. Chronology of changes to the rules is not conducted. Last updated terms and conditions of November 27 2011.  

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